The great lie about death

Great insight from a friend of David Jeremiah who lost his young son in a tragic auto accident:

“Life wouldn’t seem so hard if we didn’t expect it to be so easy.”

With all of the major concerns in life resolved for so many in the West—food/water, shelter, clothing, medical care, education, employment—it’s easy to cop an entitlement mentality, and be put off when the smallest shadow of inconvenience darkens our doorway.

But, scripture tells us life is hard. Even as God has provided all that is necessary for life and godliness, we will have tribulation in this world. Jesus said so.

Redeemed as we may be, each of us must walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Then, each of us must stand toe to toe with physical death. My mom is toe to toe with the death angel right now.

But, don’t be fooled by pop culture which tells us (lamely) that ‘death is part of the circle of life.’ That is a lie from the darkest pit of hell.

No. Death is an intruder and counterintuitive to the eternal life the Holy God designed for us all. We die physically because our first parents disobeyed God and listened to the Father of lies.

Death is an irreversible consequence of disobeying God. As our ‘federal head’, Adam passed his sin nature on to all humanity. Thank God for Jesus Christ—His Remedy for sin; His antidote for death.

God’s plan always was eternal life in His paradise for those who believe in Him and trust Jesus for eternal life. Jesus came to redeem and restore all that was lost in the fall. That includes you and me, all of nature, and the world itself.

What a deal!

Jesus—if I could be so bold with a sports analogy—brokered the the greatest trade of all time when He said to us, essentially, “You give Me your life, and I’ll give you Mine.”

There is no atonement for sin without the shedding of blood. That’s a fact. The blood of sheeps and goats, rams and bulls, was only temporary. It took the blood of the Son of Man—Jesus—to make permanent restitution for our sins.

On the cross Jesus uttered this word right before He died:


It’s a Greek commercial term which means, ‘Paid in full.’

In some other religious ‘traditions’, the adherents have to do the all the dying to obtain favor from their god. In Christianity, Jesus did all the dying.

Our ‘job’ is to believe Jesus died in our place. That’s it.


Believe that it is finished, the work of attonement.

Jesus paid it all; all to Him we owe; sin has left a crimson stain; He washed it white as snow.

The data are conclusive: 10 out of every 10 people die. Death is not ‘natural’ but an intruder. Jesus offers Life to ALL who place their trust in Him.

You cannot ever be ‘good enough’ in your sinful state to obtain what He did in His sinless perfection.

Give Jesus your life. He will give you His. And you will then truly be living.

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