The Statue Murderers

Just a thought: As we leverage ‘antisocial media’ to arbitrate our disparate world-views, we would do well to reconsider the words of Chuck Smith:

“Are you a ‘builder’ or are you a ‘destroyer’?”

We’re witnessing an asymetrical civil war on American history, culture, and values. It is OK to revisit and question ‘the bad’ we perceive—just as we cherish ‘the good’ that came before our time.

But, trying to erase truths with which we disagree—toppling statues, etc.,—is a step toward the eventual toppling of ‘statues that bleed’. History is replete with examples of this ‘progression’ in societal degradation, and ‘it’ never ends well.

So, with Smith’s question in mind, when ‘you’ rail at a given situation, do you have a morally viable solution to offer up? Or are you just so much ‘white noise’ in the spectrum of contempt and chaos which leads to ruin?

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