There may be a free lunch, but there’s no “free” college!

You would think it obvious to the inhabitants of even a semi-literate culture that things of value usually have a price attached. Cars, houses, food, clothing, appliances. iPhones. These things all provide value and utility to the possessor—at a cost to the procurer. So, why would a college education—potentially quite valuable—be any different once there’s a Democratic President in the White House?

Quid pro quo.

Yes, it is conceivable that the federal government could create an opportunity for higher learning that doesn’t cost the student (more likely their parents) any tuition. But that scenario merely shifts the burden of payment to a third-party, it does not eliminate it. However, that’s a detail the political candidate never attends to—because free sounds so much better than entitlement. So, the smart political play is tit-for-tat: You give me your vote (first, by the way) and I’ll give you “free” college!

You can’t blame them for the silly subterfuge. I mean, politicians are not stupid. Not really. They’ve seen Jesse Watters interviewing young people around the country and they cannot have helped but notice the sub-cerebral responses often recorded by Watters’ camera crew. Politicians know how “free” plays to minds clouded by naivete and distracted by the likes of Pokemon. So, they toss around the “F-word” without ever having to explain the consequences. Because the distracted class doesn’t care.

They just want “free”.

Unfortunately for most of us, “free college” is the stuff to spark campus revolution from Portland, Maine to San Diego, California and every place in between. And We, the People, who will pay for this newly devised “freedom” will be vastly outnumbered by the rebels (who want free stuff) and their backers (who want rebel votes). And the rebel’s parents who like the “idea of free”, even though life experience has taught them that unicorns don’t exist.

Yes, We, the People, will foot the bill for the greatest and most expensive unicorn hunt in history. You can bet your last dollar on that if Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected President of the United States come November.

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